Custom Constellation Earrings


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These Custom Constellation Earrings, inspired by vintage star charts, have swirling, inky resin hand poured into bezels that hang from your choice of sterling silver chain or gold filled findings.

Each scene is captured in a hand cast frame, with your choice of lettering hand stamped along the band.

Glowing glass microbeads are carefully hand placed to create the constellations you choose, floating in the resin.

Orion, Lyra, Ursa Minor or any constellation you have a connection to can be created!


To order:

•Select your material (sterling silver or gold filled).

•Add a note to your order letting me know: What constellation you would like and what you would like stamped on the band (the constellation, a special date, name, etc). You can have two of the same constellation or a separate constellation for each earring.


Every earring is made to order and will be one of a kind.

It’s more than just a symbol—this piece is a small slice of the heavens.


Your earrings come attached to a jewelry card and packaged in a gift ready craft paper jewelry box for shipping.

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