Carla De La Cruz


As a child of immigrant parents (my mother from Greece and father from Mexico), I had a rich cultural upbringing. I was always surrounded by artists and makers. I loved to watch my father as he would paint in his studio or repair clocks in the workshop. Helping with the clock repair, sorting the tiny parts was a particular pleasure of mine. Creation and art were a part of my daily life growing up on California’s central coast. 

In school I was drawn to study architecture. Upon completion of my Bachelor of Architecture degree I accepted a job at a high stress firm where I was very unhappy. I took some time to visit family in Greece where the clear water, pristine beaches and ruins restored and inspired me. When I arrived home, I knew I had to make a change. Quitting my job was the best and hardest decision I could have made. I left San Francisco, moved to Los Angeles, and found a supportive community that encouraged my creativity. 

The first pieces of jewelry I made were my own wedding rings. I began revisiting metal arts, soldering, hammering, drilling. It is so satisfying melting two pieces of jewelry together to create a form. I found a non-toxic jewelers resin, and began to explore. I love working with resin, because it’s not limiting. I can experiment with colors, inlay or ombré effects. It is almost like painting.

When my son was born I wanted to spend every minute with him. The desire was so strong that I committed to designing jewelry full time so I could stay home with him. I am so grateful that I am able to be a part of his life while doing the work I love!

- Carla